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Therapy Session

Group Therapy for
Survivors of Child Abuse


Abuse in childhood can severely impact our lives and livelihoods.

Often, states of guilt, self-alienation, numbness, as well as feelings of emptiness and/or behaviours and thoughts that are potentially linked to deep emotional distress can be traced back to our younger selves having been exposed to hurtful, terrifying or dangerous situations. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for survivors of childhood abuse to suffer in silence.

Reading this, you might not relate to the word 'abuse'. Maybe what you experienced was not something that you would label as such - in that case think of this group as a space that has been created for people who have experienced a number of adverse conditions in childhood that still cause distress in the present. 

This therapy group is designed to bring survivors together and to help with the healing and processing of potential trauma as well as other reoccurring distressing patterns. At its best, the group may foster individual acts of triumph, allow the joint processing of pain, and help with emotional integration and self-growth from within.

Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more or are interested in joining us. Sessions currently take place online on a fortnightly basis (Tuesdays, 7pm onwards). 

The current group therapy fee is £15 per session. 

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